В нашем магазине есть все для собак: модная эксклюзивная одежда для собак, аксессуары для собак. Ассортимент самой качественной одежды вас приятно удивит. На ваш выбор представлены стильные и оригинальные аксессуары для собак: сумки, переноски, поводки, ошейники, лежаки, комбинезоны, заколки, украшения для собак и многое другое.

Новые товары

online clothing store for dogs

Internet store Limargy - Lux - is clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry for small dogs. We offer you the garments for dogs as retail and wholesale. We strive to ensure that in our range of clothing for animals was only exceptional quality, which would be consistent all the fashion trends.

Shop clothing for dogs brand names

dog clothing in online store Limargy - Lux - are well-known brands: Pretty Pet, JML, Papa, Juicy, Dobaz, Ewereise, Lovabledog and Limargy. We have brought in a large assortment of glamorous clothing for small dogs ornamental breeds: Japanese Chin, Yorkshire Terrier, dwarf poodle, pug. We have implemented a summer and winter clothes for dogs wholesale and wholesale.

Warm clothes dogs - this is the beauty and health care pet

If you are interested elite and glamorous clothes for dogs, our internet shop Limargy - Lux will offer you a wide choice of positions. For a small dog clothing in the cold season is a necessity. prices on clothing for small dogs, you will be pleasantly surprised. Accessories, shoes and clothing for dogs are delivered to Moscow by courier, and the cities of Russia - by mail.

Luxurious clothing for dogs - is the style and comfort of animals

Clothes for dogs - is not only comfortable but also beautiful and warm clothes, in which the animals will be comfortable. When buying our dog clothing, you can be sure that your pet is sure to enjoy. Presented in our clothes dogs will satisfy the most demanding customer.

Our range not only clothes for small dogs, but also bags, carriers, leashes, collars, bows, jewelry.

We are always glad to you in our salon! Enjoy your shopping!

If you have any questions, you can always contact us and we will answer you by:
e-mail: limargy-lux@yandex.ru
phones in Moscow: 8-968-399-76-69

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